Healthier for longer: Improving adult immunisation uptake in Singapore

This report was made in collaboration with ILC Singapore and explores the relationship between Singapore’s ageing population and adult vaccination.

Ageing in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities

This volume provides a comprehensive view of Australia’s geographically and socially diverse ageing population, the emerging needs and challenges, the opportunities and responses to meet these needs, and how Australians can benefit from the communal and individual rewards afforded by human longevity.

This report assesses how health services are responding to the joint issues of population ageing and increasing prevalence NCDs.

This think-piece looks to Hong Kong,  whose pension infrastructure is similar to the one emerging in the UK to examine the potential impact of the UK's recent pension reforms.

Singapore is rapidly ageing as a society.  In 2013, the resident population in Singapore aged 65 and over comprised more than 10% of the population.  As a result of declines in fertility and increases in life expectancy, the proportion of older adults will increase to 19% by 2030.