Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of a postal mail self-screening tool for frailty in French older adults

Early detection of frailty in elders is important to prevent its complications. The development of a self-administered questionnaire may reduce the burden for the medical community and be an opportunity for empowering elders to identify frailty themselves and raising frailty …

‘Kaigo Yobou’ – Preventive Care Measures as a Cornerstone of Japanese Social Insurance

Masako Osako (ILC Global Alliance Secretariat) and Yumiko Watanabe (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour in Japan) published an article titled “Kaigo Yobo – Preventive Care Measures as a Cornerstone of Japanese Social Insurance” in AARP International. While Japan has …

The Reablement: From “Doing for” to “Helping Restore Function and Quality of Life”

ILC-Japan has published a booklet titled “The Reablement.” It aims to transform the idea of support for people with mild disabilities from “doing for” to “helping restore function and quality of life.”

Care for elderly people with a migration background in Amsterdam: A future perspective

In Amsterdam, the number of seniors with a migration background who need care is increasing rapidly. This group of seniors is not only getting older and more in need of care, but is also increasingly diverse.

Protecting the human rights of older persons: Challenges to the human rights of older people during and after COVID-19

Globally, COVID-19 has led to debilitating effects and posed significant human rights challenges for older persons.

The invisible epidemic: Rethinking the detection and treatment of structural heart disease in Europe

Structural heart disease (SHD) is a set of cardiovascular conditions that affect the structure of the valves, atria, ventricles and blood vessels in the heart.