ILC-Japan has published the English version of “Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society 2009”.

This ILC-UK report summarises the presentations, discussions and ideas which emerged from the Ministerial Dementia Research Summit held in July 2009 at the Royal Society in London.

Older people aren’t always getting the most from their retirement savings, according to a new report, by Jackie Wells for the ILC-UK.

The International Handbook on Aging. Current research and developments.

Older Europeans are not well vaccinated and therefore not well protected against vaccine preventable diseases. Identifying and developing strategies for overcoming barriers to vaccination is therefore an important health policy goal for Europe.

A first-of-its-kind consensus report addresses the challenges facing both consumers and policymakers when considering solutions for independent living.

This ILC-UK brief summarises the ILC-UK/ Actuarial Profession joint debate on the future of personal accounts and pension reform after the credit crunch, which took place in London in March 2009.

This report summarises the discussions of two working groups convened by the ILC-UK to explore the ‘National Care Fund’ model, originally set out in the February 2008 ILC-UK publication: “A National Care Fund for Long-term Care.”

A report summarizing an ILC-UK and Actuarial Profession joint-conference called “Choosing Population Projections for Public Policy”, that looked at the formulation of population projections and how they are used by policymakers.

Japan is setting the pace among the ageing societies of the world. People aged 65 and over now make up over one-fifth of the Japanese population and in twenty years will account for one-third.

An ILC-UK research report formed from an expert roundtable discussion and dinner on 'Recent Progress & Innovation in Dementia, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care' held in June 2009 in the House of Lords.

The purpose of this ILC-USA report is to gain an understanding and encourage further research on the importance of satisfaction and well-being for older adults making transitions in their residential living arrangements.

The study examined a groundbreaking program designed to reduce elder abuse and neglect.

The preliminary study into Innovative housing and care schemes has been conducted by Jacques Allegro (member of the Executive Board of ILC NL) and Ger Tielen (Director of ILC NL).

An ILC-UK collection of expert essays exploring how the 'lifetime neighbourhoods agenda' for housing and the built environment can respond to the economic downturn.

In a new publication, Global Aging Report: Threats to Longevity, the ILC Global Alliance outlines the urgent need for the global community to work together to combat the increasing threats to longevity around the world.

This report is an important step in overcoming ageist language and beliefs by providing journalists and others who work in the media with an appropriate body of knowledge, including a lexicon that helps redefine and navigate this new world.

This ILC-France report describes demographic data and examines the causes of the increase in longevity and implications on working lives.

The books examine positive aspects of and successful adaptations to aging and focus on challenges and concerns for families, policy makers, and governments in caregiving and end-of-life issues.

An ILC-Israel executive summary of the longitudinal study on on the effects of coping patterns with deterioration in health on successful aging.

In 2008 ILC-UK and the National Centre for Social Research published research on older carers, in a report titled ‘Living and Caring? An Investigation into the Experiences of Older Carers.