This ILC-France report describes demographic data and examines the causes of the increase in longevity and implications on working lives.

The striking increase in longevity is a new venture for humanity and a privilege for our
nations as long as the aging population remains healthy and active. Many studies have
amply demonstrated 1;2that two important determinants ensure a successful aging: the
absence of disease and the maintenance of activity including participation in the labour
market. The number of years between 50 and 70 represent a key period that determines the
future of old age in terms of physical, psychological and cognitive health. The challenge
is to maintain the social integration and active participation of that age group.
The experience of people over the age of 50 is vital to promote the wealth of societies.
In France, as in other nations, the professional participation and financial contribution of
that age group is crucial. Their economic power allows the development of new and
innovative services. Their role in financially assisting the younger population guarantees
an intergenerational equity and tutoring younger workers enables the essential
transmission of professional skills.

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