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The International Longevity Centre Global Alliance (ILC Global Alliance) is an international consortium of member organizations.

The mission of the ILC Global Alliance is to help societies to address longevity and population ageing in positive and productive ways, typically using a life course approach, highlighting older people’s productivity and contributions to family and society as a whole. The Alliance member organisations carry out the mission through developing ideas, undertaking research and creating forums for debate and action, in which older people are key stakeholders.

The first International Longevity Centres were established in the United States in 1990 by Robert N. Butler, M.D., and in Japan by Shigeo Morioka, Ex-CEO of Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Company (current Astellas Pharma Inc.).

The ILC Alliance currently includes centres in the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, the Dominican Republic, India, South Africa, Argentina, The Netherlands, Israel, Singapore, Czech Republic, Brazil, China, Australia and Canada. These centres work both autonomously and collaboratively to study how greater life expectancy and increased proportions of older people impact on nations around the world.

The priorities of the centres are:

  1. To identify productive aging as an important topic, not just paid employment, but also the continuing talent and contributions of older people; and
  2. To promote educational, research and policy initiatives which will advance an active, healthy life throughout the lifecourse.

In 2020, the ILC Global Alliance celebrated its 30th anniversary. Find out more in our 30th anniversary leaflet and in the video below.


The ILC Global Alliance hold biennial meetings of its members.

Member countries meet together to report on their activities and programmes in each country, and discuss themes of collaborative research and activities. In conjunction with the meeting, we deliver lectures regularly at international conferences, during symposiums and seminars hosted by the ILC Global Alliance.


Brief History of ILC Global Alliance:

2019: Dr Mary Ann Tsao (ILC-Singapore) and Rosy Pereyra (ILC Dominican Republic) sworn in as Co-Presidents of the ILC Global Alliance

2019: ILC Global Alliance met in Australia

2018: ILC Global Alliance Members attended a Retreat in Singapore hosted by ILC-Singapore

2017: Dr Alexandre Kalache (ILC-Brazil) and Dr Mary Ann Tsao (ILC-Singapore) sworn in as Co-Presidents of the ILC Global Alliance

2017: The ILC Global Alliance met in the United States of America

2015: The ILC Global Alliance met in Brazil

2014: The ILC-Australia, the ILC-Canada and the ILC-Germany established

2014: Dr Alexandre Kalache (ILC-Brazil) and Baroness Sally Greengross (ILC-UK) sworn in as Co-Presidents of the ILC Global Alliance

2014: The ILC Global Alliance met in the United Kingdom

2013: The ILC Global Alliance met in Singapore

2012: The ILC Global Alliance met in Prague

2011: The ILC-Brazil and the ILC-China established

2011: The ILC Global Alliance met in the Netherlands

2010: Baroness Sally Greengross (ILC-UK) and Monica Ferreira (ILC-South Africa) sworn in as Co-Presidents of the ILC Global Alliance

2010: The ILC Global Alliance met in South Africa

2009: The ILC-Czech Republic and the ILC-Singapore established

2008: The ILC Global Alliance website launched

2007: The ILC-Israel established

2006: The ILC-Netherlands established. Secretariat created

2005: The ILC-South Africa and ILC-Argentina established

2004: The ILC-India established

1998: The ILC-Dominican Republic established

1997: The ILC-UK established

1996: The ILC-France established

1990: Dr Robert Butler (ILC-USA) and Shigeo Morioka (ILC-Japan) sworn in as Co-Presidents

1990: The ILC Global Alliance founded with the US and Japanese centers as the founding members.