ILC-Netherlands (ILC-NL) is an independent movement of people who have the aim to put aging high on the social and political agenda. The goal is to activate people in thinking about active and healthy aging in an early stage by organizing debates, media attention, and sharing experiences and expertise, both nationally and internationally.

ILC-NL is committed to the independence state of being of the elderly, requiring tailored conditions, skills and a good living environment. The vitality of the elderly should be promoted while vulnerability and dependency are postponed as long as possible. Also it is important to remain active as an employee, volunteer or entrepreneur without being discriminated because of age.


ILC-NL is supported by:

  • Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing: a pioneer organization who educates master students and managers to improve the quality of life of older people;
  • Vereniging Aegon: Vereniging Aegon has taken on the initiative to select and teach medical students and healthcare professionals towards improving and contributing to the well-being and vitality of the elderly.
  • Vereniging Het Zonnehuis: an organization who tries to increase the knowledge for better institutional care.

ILC-NL is a member of the International Longevity Center Global Alliance, an international federation of centers for active and healthy aging. The ILC Global Alliance consists of centers in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States. These centers work both autonomously and collaboratively to study how greater life expectancy and increased proportions of older people impact on
nations around the world. The priorities of the centers are:

  • to identify productive aging as an important topic, not just paid employment, but also continuing talent development and contributions of older people;
  • to promote educational, research and policy initiatives, advancing an active, healthy life throughout the life course.


Innovations in housing and care schemes
The Netherlands has an excellent long-term care system, but it is also one of the most expensive systems compared to other OECD countries (3.7% of GDP). The system is no longer sustainable: older people need to do more themselves, with or without the help of informal care givers and volunteers.

A successful example: In 2010 the first Dutch city village, ‘StadsdorpZuid’ was founded in Amsterdam. It aims for senior citizens to live at their own home, in an active, healthy and safe manor. They provide the members with information on care and on services offered, such as craftsmen, handymen, restaurants etc. Furthermore, they organise a variety of activities.  Now the pilot phase has successfully been completed, the setup of a help desk is being explored, to further enrol this imitative in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, this initiative gets more followers and in the city of Amsterdam there are now 21 citizen’s projects like StadsdorpZuid established.

Labour, income and participation
What are the experiences and opinions of people who choose (not) to remain working after their pension? The qualitative research report shows that most employees want to stop working as early as possible. This decision is primarily guided by whether they feel their work still matters. Secondly, they are guided by the influence of their  immediate social environment, like their partner. In addition, the financial and economic crisis also plays a role in the question whether or not to stop working. Colleagues and the employer do not seem to play a significant role in the decision process. At this moment two studies on labour and participation are running:

  • One study tries to find out more about incentives to quit or continue working after retirement age.
  • The other study is a collaboration between some of the members of ILC Global Alliance. This quantitative study uses retirement data and focusses on cognitive function after retirement.

3rd International Longevity Forum
On 21-22 October 2015 ILC-Brasil organised a forum. The theme was Age-Friendly Initiatives, and ranged from age-friendly cities to states, countries, businesses, universities, transport, media and much more. Marieke van der Waal gave a presentation on StadsdorpZuid as an excellent example of active ageing community initiative.

Check the website for more information on the symposium and other ILC events.

Management Team

  • A.H.M. Wouters, president
  • Ir. M.C. van Veen, treasurer
  • Ir. M.A.E. van der Waal, director
  • Y.J. Koemans, communication
  • E. Plasmeijer, secretary

Contact information

c/o Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Leiden
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 71 5240960


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