ILC-Czech Republic


To promote educational, research and policy initiatives which will advance an active and healthy life expectancy.

Major Funding Sources

Public funding, fundraising, services.

Recent Major Activities / Programs

The Center of Expertise in Longevity and Long-Term Care is an interdisciplinary research and consulting platform at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University.

It focuses on the issues of care, longevity, ethics of care and dis/ability in wider context. Our projects are linking relevant research with clinical practice and engage students, carers, workers, clients and patients of both social as well health services.

Our experts are involved in training professionals in long-term care, geriatrics and gerontology, and ethics of care and contribute to policy development and public debate in the field of social and health care.

Key Staff

President: Dr. Iva Holmerova
Director and Consultant geriatrician, Centre of Gerontology, Prague
Associate Professor, anthropology, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Humanities

Director: Katerina Machacova, MA, PhD
Kinanthropologist and Gerontologist

Contact information

Centre of Gerontology, Simunkova 1600, 18200 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Tel: 00420-286-883-676
Fax: 00420-286-882-788


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