ILC-UK was established in 1997, as one of the founder members of an international network on longevity. In the UK, we’re the specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society.

We’re independent and politically neutral, so we can say the things about our future society that others can’t. We know that society is ageing. We know the numbers. We know the challenges. What happens next will define us for generations.

We produce evidence-based research so we can propose future scenarios with confidence. We provoke and pioneer solutions so everyone can realise the benefits of demographic change.

We’re focused on intergenerational solidarity, on age collaboration, on highlighting age discrimination, whether it’s against 80 or 18 year olds. The impact of longevity on society isn’t just about older people: it will impact everyone.

We use our expertise in demographic change to highlight the impact of ageing on society, working with experts, policy makers and practitioners to provoke conversations and pioneer solutions for a society where everyone can thrive, regardless of age.

Recent Major Activities / Programs

Longevity will change the way our society functions in the future.

We know that every girl born today will have a one in three chance of living until she’s 100.

We know that when she starts work, she will need to save at least 20% of her earnings every year in order to afford a comfortable retirement.

We know that if she wants to buy her own home, she’ll probably need to wait until she’s over 35, in a relationship and working full time.

What we don’t know is what needs to happen next.

And that is where we come in, using evidence-based research to provoke and pioneer solutions so everyone can realise the benefits of longevity.

Our researchers are drawn from academia, industry, policy and politics. They include former chief executives, academics, economists, policy advisors and speech writers.

As you’d expect, we can undertake primary or secondary research, employing qualitative and quantitative research methods. Thanks to the diverse skills of our research team, we can combine traditional and more innovative and experimental research approaches.

Past major activities / programs

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Chief Executive: David Sinclair

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