Influence public and private actors in favour of a coherent  age management.

– Promote health through prevention at all ages and the activity of seniors through studies, workshops and think tanks in human, economic and clinical sciences at national and international level.

– Generate an ongoing analysis of opportunities offered by the increase in life expectancy.

– Disseminate information to all audiences.

Recent Major Activities / Programs

Annual Parliamentary meetings on Longevity -Paris since 1995.

Conferences on health prevention as a major factor of productive longevity with numerous institutions (Co-host with OECD, Les Echos, Women’s forum, FNSEA, FNAR, private companies and institutions, etc.)

Dissemination of Guidelines (vision, cognitive health, hearing, Advice for Parents, balance) to the general public.

Scientific advice for the Parliamentary Study Group on Longevity (monthly meetings since 2006.

2015: Collaborative Study “ILC-Global Alliance SHARE project”: “Age at retirement and cognitive function, The French Cohort from the SHARE study ”.

2016: Collaborative Study “ILC-Global Alliance SHARE project”: “Age, labor force participation, control & cognitive function: The French Cohort from the SHARE study”.

2015-2018: “CLIC Prévention Santé », a Health Prevention Tool for computer, tablet, smartphone. The purpose of the project « CLIC Prévention Santé » is to provide key prevention measures according to age, sex and identified risk factors for diseases for which prevention has shown a benefit.

2017-2021: Self-assessment of frailty in retirees aged 70 years and over: project developed with National and Private Pension Funds and Regional Health Agencies.

2018: Why do we need compulsory public long-term care insurance in France?

Key Staff

Director : Jean-Pierre AQUINO, M.D.

President of the Strategic and Scientific Committee: Françoise FORETTE, M.D.

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75008 Paris

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