One of the aspects of an ageing population is the rise in the oldest old.

Communities and Housing

Providing decent housing in times of demographic change represents a key challenge for policy-makers worldwide.


Commensurate with population ageing the number of people with dementia across the world is set to increase.

Economics of Age

The ILC Global Alliance explores the economic impact of an ageing society.

Equality and Human Rights

The inalienable concepts of Equality and Human Rights are of growing importance to older people.

Future of Age

The International Longevity Centre members are concerned not just about the impact of demographic change today but the future opportunities and challenges which come from an ageing society.

Global Ageing

According to the United Nations Programme on Ageing, 10% of the world population is aged 60 or over.

Health and Healthy Ageing

Improvements in living standards and healthcare have resulted in increased life expectancy is increasing across the globe.


Outside family networks many people are segregated by age in all stages of their life; in education, housing and community, the workplace, and even health and social care.


As advances in medicine, and improvements in living standards have taken place, more people have been able to live for longer.

Nutrition and Hydration

A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.

Older Consumers

The consumer market is important to older people, providing (and influencing) the food we eat and the medications we take. The private sector help us fill our leisure time and support our learning and personal development.


Decent pensions provision for people in later life is one of the hallmarks of civilisation.

Quality of Life

While longevity increases, those who are living longer are at risk from a lower quality of life. A poor quality of life might refer to issues with health, social isolation, economic restraints or a number of other problems.

Work and Retirement

In an ageing world, the process and nature of retirement is changing. In most parts of the world, the next generation of retirees will be healthier, and will live longer, than any previous generation.