An English edition of a quarterly information journal focusing on longevity society in the world, first published by ILC-Japan in July 2006.

We are all programmed to age and die, but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Caregiving Project for Older Americans, gathered a blue-ribbon panel of experts in ageing and caregiving to examine existing caregiver training programs and explore the development of national training standards.

A report on a pilot study towards a health intervention under the Study to Understand and Foster the Functioning and Involvement of Contributive Elders (SUFFICE) project has been released.

The mistaken belief persists that, except for the flu vaccine, children should be the primary recipients of this important area of primary disease prevention.

The increasing proportion of very old people in the population means that how to 'age well', even in later old age, is now an important issue for policymakers and researchers, as well as for older people themselves.

A collection of the reports by Presidents/Directors of the ILC Global Alliance concerning human rights issues and efforts towards future in aging society.

The discussion paper Asset Accumulation Across in Life Courses: The Challenges Ahead explores the policy implications of changing patterns of asset accumulation in the UK.

This discussion paper explores how a more age-friendly vision of public spaces and community could boost social engagement, good health and the chances of 'active ageing' for all.