ILC-Japan has published a booklet titled “The Reablement.” It aims to transform the idea of support for people with mild disabilities from “doing for” to “helping restore function and quality of life.” (published in August 2022, by Shakai Hoken Shuppan, in Japanese, 1,320 yen)

In a super-aged society, all people are expected to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in their family, community, and society throughout their lives. In this context, we need to transform how we look at older people, from “those who receive help” to “those who are active members of the society.”

This booklet has been created to stress the importance of supporting older people who try to maintain their independence and quality of life, even when they start needing assistance, and to discuss how to provide such support.

While reablement services started and are rapidly growing in other countries, they are also provided in Japan under the national long-term care insurance system and producing outstanding results.

This booklet consists of three chapters, “How to apply reablement in Japanese long-term care insurance system,” “Examples in Japan,” and “Examples in other countries,” to introduce the importance and effects of reablement services.

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