Masako Osako (ILC Global Alliance Secretariat) and Yumiko Watanabe (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour in Japan) published an article titled “Kaigo Yobo – Preventive Care Measures as a Cornerstone of Japanese Social Insurance” in AARP International. While Japan has …

In a super-aging society Japan it is predicted that people aged 75 or older living alone and elderly couple-only households will go on increasing.

ILC-India launch new book on Ageing and Spirituality

ILC-Japan has published the English version of “Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society 2008”.

This ILC-UK brief summarises a public debate exploring decumulation in the context of the economic downturn.

ILC-Israel study on older drivers.

This ILC-UK policy brief is the third and final publication of a series focusing on policies addressing obesity in the UK.

the international Longevity Centre- India has come out with this book to understand this global phenomenon of 'ageing' and its implications in the right spirit and perspective.

Two of the most challenging public heath problems that account for significant morbidity and mortality are smoking and obesity. Over the last 20 years, while smoking prevalence rates have declined, obesity rates have increased sharply.