ILC-Japan has published the English version of “Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society 2009”.

We all know the population is shifting, with older people forming a significant proportion of the population.  But there is more than one type of change happening.  The phenomenon of increasing obesity levels in the UK has led to a …

This ILC-UK report summarises the presentations, discussions and ideas which emerged from the Ministerial Dementia Research Summit held in July 2009 at the Royal Society in London.

Older people aren’t always getting the most from their retirement savings, according to a new report, by Jackie Wells for the ILC-UK.

ILC Global Alliance Celebrate's UN International Day of Older Persons

The International Handbook on Aging. Current research and developments.

Older Europeans are not well vaccinated and therefore not well protected against vaccine preventable diseases. Identifying and developing strategies for overcoming barriers to vaccination is therefore an important health policy goal for Europe.

A first-of-its-kind consensus report addresses the challenges facing both consumers and policymakers when considering solutions for independent living.

This ILC-UK brief summarises the ILC-UK/ Actuarial Profession joint debate on the future of personal accounts and pension reform after the credit crunch, which took place in London in March 2009.

This report summarises the discussions of two working groups convened by the ILC-UK to explore the ‘National Care Fund’ model, originally set out in the February 2008 ILC-UK publication: “A National Care Fund for Long-term Care.”