This ILC-UK policy brief is the third and final publication of a series focusing on policies addressing obesity in the UK.

Ultimately, ‘obesity policy’ is about behaviour, and the ability of policymakers to influence the choices and behaviour of individuals. Although a focus on particular sub-groups has informed such policy, the effect of life course transitions and changes on behaviour in relation to obesity needs to be exploited.

This report deploys a life course approach to review factors influencing behavior and choices relating to balanced diets and physical activity. The ‘life course approach’ views the action and behaviour of individuals in the context of the continuum of their lives from birth to death, and transition through various life stages and transition points. These key life stages and transition points can render individuals more susceptible to negative health outcomes. However, they also present opportunities for intervention, for example with healthcare services, educational institutions and employers.

This report was made possible by the generous support of Pfizer.

Author: Primrose Musingarimi, Senior Researcher, ILC-UK


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