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Current societal and financial challenges are demanding a revision of how health budgets are spent with a view to increasing both savings and sustainability.

In light of these challenges, the SAATI Partnership has launched their report on “Adult vaccination: a key component of healthy ageing - Benefits of life-course immunisation in Europe” to raise awareness of the health and socio-economic benefits of a life-course approach to immunisation.

This SAATI commissioned research, that received financial support from Pfizer, provides an overview of the state of adult immunisation in the EU27 and the value of implementing better immunisation policies for the European adult population from a public health and macro-economic perspective.

The report consolidates existing research on the incidence of the main vaccine-preventable diseases in Europe. It sheds light on the gaps existing in adult immunisation policies in EU Member States and identifies the key determinants for the successful implementation of adult vaccination policies across Europe. It also provides practical recommendations to improve vaccination rates in adults. Finally, it includes a snapshot of the adult immunisation policy landscape in each EU Member State, with the aim of helping to facilitate national decision-making.

The full report is available for download below, and an Executive Summary of the report is available here.

Supporting documents are available to download here:

GMAS Fiscal Impact of Adult Vaccination in the Netherlands (incl methodology)
GMAS Study On Fiscal Impact of Adult Vaccination in The Netherlands
HERON - Cost effectiveness of adult immunisation strategies
Supporting Active Ageing through Immunisation (SAATI): Burden of Seven Key Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in EU27
Calling for a European life-course immunisation strategy

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