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Singapore is rapidly ageing as a society.  In 2013, the resident population in Singapore aged 65 and over comprised more than 10% of the population.  As a result of declines in fertility and increases in life expectancy, the proportion of older adults will increase to 19% by 2030.

This report, ‘A Profile of Older Men and Women in Singapore 2014’, prepared by the Tsao-NUS Ageing Research Initiative, National University of Singapore and the International Longevity Centre Singapore is a compilation of data from the Panel on Health and Aging of Older Singaporeans (PHASE, Duke-NUS, NUS), Singapore Department of Statistics Census of Population 2000 and 2010; Singapore Registry of Births and Deaths 2006; Singapore Department of Statistics General Household Survey 2005;  Singapore Ministry of Manpower Report on the Labor Force in Singapore 2010; and the Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat along with brief analyses of key patterns. 

This report is organised into six sections: “The Aging Population”, “Living Arrangements”, Intergenerational Transfers”, “Health Status”, “Mental Health”, and “Social Participation”.

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