Ageing experts from across the world will come together this week to consider how we can ensure that public policymakers ensure that our ageing world is an opportunity not a threat.

A symposium, to be held on 28 May 2012, brings together the 14 members of the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance to explore “Productive Ageing: Conditions and Opportunities” on 28 May 2012.

At the symposium, Dr Alexandre Kalache of ILC-Brazil will give the 3rd ILC Robert Butler Memorial Lecture on the topic of “Productive ageing – an imperative in the 21st Century”.

Ahead of the lecture, Dr Kalache said:
“In the future we are going to age differently. We are starting to see role models who are active, demanding, wanting to work longer or enjoying more leisure. As baby-boomers they will want to have their voices heard. In their teens they created the social construct of adolescence, now they will develop a new transition: ‘gerontolescence’. It’s exciting because it’s a new stage of human development. Thus,  policy makers need to ensure we are prepared for the changes as a result of demographic change. Our ageing society threatens to become the greatest challenge for the 21st century if we don't have the right policies in place”.

This symposium will take place as part of the ILC Global Alliance annual meeting which is this year taking place in Prague, alongside the International Federation on Ageing Conference.

At the symposium:

Dr Françoise Forette (ILC-France), Mr Kunio Mizuta (ILC-Japan) and Baroness Sally Greengross (ILC-UK) will speak on “Healthy and productive ageing: Barriers and incentives in the UK, Japan and France”

Dr Du Peng (ILC-China) and Mr Jayant Umranikar (ILC-India) will speak on “Productive ageing in India and China: The case in two Asian countries”

Dr Mary Ann Tsao (ILC Singapore) and Dr Sara Carmel (ILC Israel) will speak to the topic of  “Productive ageing in Israel and Singapore: Contrasts and similarities”

Dr Iva Holmerova (ILC-Czech Republic) will consider “Productive ageing – challenges and opportunities in the Czech Republic and CEE region”

Other active participants at the symposium include Dr Lia Daichman (ILC-Argentina) and Dr Rosy Pereyra (ILC-Dominican Republic).


Conducting  of physiotherapy camps to assess and address the health of the Older Persons.

Since its foundation in 2012/13, ILC-BR is promoting dialogue about population ageing and its implications for public policies.

ILC-BR President Alexandre Kalache on how urban planning responds to the needs of older people

Since the beginning of this year, ILC-BR works for a hospital in the Southern town of Veranópolis, providing guidance on how to turn the hospital more age-friendly.

As we are now expected to live to 100, we have decided to set “Productive Aging Day” in Japan.