Our mission is to propose ideas and guidance for policies addressing population ageing based on international research and practice with a view to advance Active Ageing.

Major funding sources

  • Secretary of Health, State Government of Rio de Janeiro, Instituto Vital Brazil (IVB)/ Centre for Study and Research on Ageing (Centro de Estudo e Pesquisa do Envelhecimento – CEPE)
  • Research Support Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ)
  • Galderma

Recent major activities / programs

  • Revision and application of the Active Ageing Framework
  • Age-friendly cities: developing a model for Brazilian communities
  • Culture of Care – Beyond Prevention and Treatment
  • The Age-friendly Public Transport Project

Key staff

Dr. Alexandre Kalache, President and Founder of ILC-Brazil
Silvia M.M. Costa, Communication Coordinator 
Dr. Diego Bernardini, Special Projects Coordinator
Ina Voelcker, Technical Coordinator
Elisa Monteiro, Administrator
Márcia Tavares, Associate




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