ILC France announces the launch of a series of webinars aimed at raising awareness among political and public health decision-makers on issues related to longevity.
“Evolution and future of technologies serving the elderly” by Prof. Alain Franco, is the first webinar in this series.

ILC-France is pleased to announce the launch of a series of webinars dedicated to questions raised by longevity. This format is essential given the current healthcare context which has forced us to rethink our mode of communication with those involved in longevity.

This series of webinars follows a long tradition of raising awareness among health decision-makers and political actors by ILC-France with more than 10 years of sessions organized as part of an “Aging Stakes Study Group” in partnership with the French Parliament.

The current pandemic, beyond the immediate human tragedy, is upsetting the agenda of reforms planned for a long time in France concerning the issue of longevity and in particular the pension reform but also the loss of autonomy.

It is therefore essential to continue to make all stakeholders aware of longevity issues in order to maintain sufficient visibility on this subject.

We therefore propose to organize 6 webinars per year to which everyone is invited if your knowledge of French is sufficient. We will attempt whenever possible to have an English summary posted on our website accessible through the ILC-Global Alliance website.

More than 100 people joined the first webinar, “Evolution and future of technologies serving the elderly” by Prof. Alain Franco, which took place in February 2021. Below is the link to the summary in French and English of this webinar.

English version

French version