Date: 19 September 2023

Time: 7:30am – 9:30am (EDT)

Venue: Mahogany Room, The Harvard Club, 35 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

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How can we better value life-course vaccination to prevent a future pandemic? At this high-level roundtable alongside the UN High Level Meetings, we will debate on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, and on Universal Health Coverage.

Dozens of life-changing diseases are vaccine-preventable, and we know that investment in immunisation generates substantial returns. Millions of years are lived in disability and poor health every year due to conditions that are preventable through immunisation.

We know that every €1 invested in vaccination results in at least €4.02 future revenue.
But this analysis didn’t take account of the economic (employment and spending) and social value of vaccination (volunteering, informal care, impact of ill health on life opportunities).
So how can we properly value preventative health going forward?

While there is evidence of the benefit of vaccination across the world; uptake lags behind pre-Covid rates, vaccine confidence has been shaken and many health systems are facing unprecedented pressure in terms of their budgets and workload. At the same time, we aren’t making the most of the potential of adult vaccines to prevent disease and secure the opportunities that are presented by longer lives.

During the roundtable, we will discuss:

  • What must health leaders do to ensure that immunisation across the life course is integrated into pandemic preparedness strategies?
  • How can policymakers build capacity and infrastructure to deliver vaccination and tackle inequalities of access?
  • How can we maximise the uptake of life-course vaccinations?
  • How can we convince health stakeholders to invest more in preventative health?

This initiative is supported through an unrestricted grant from GSK, Pfizer, Merck and Sanofi.

This is a limited-capacity event, if you would like to attend, please email us at