Date: 23 September – 11 November 2022

Time: Online, at you own time

Venue: Online

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What exactly is ageing? How much should I exercise? What is the best food for me? All this and more is discussed in the Dutch free online mini-course ‘Vital and healthy ageing’.

Participants will also get answers to questions like: How old am I really? How do I keep my muscles strong? How do I ensure adequate sleep and relaxation? Is there an anti-ageing pill? The Dutch free mini-course ‘Vital and healthy ageing’, which will start at the end of September 2022, provides answers to these questions and much more. Everyone is invited to participate, despite interests and levels of prior knowledge. The mini-course provides participants in eight weekly e-mail newsletters a mix of entertainment, in-depth knowledge, personal stories, practical assignments and concrete tips.

More specific, each episode includes:

  • An introduction: why is this topic important in the context of healthy aging?
  • A video with a scientific expert.
  • A personal experience of an older person.
  • Facts and figures: insight into the matter, background information and fun facts.
  • Concrete advice and practical exercises.
  • Links to in-depth literature, videos and/or podcasts.

The free mini-course ‘Vital and healthy aging’ has been developed by DuSRA-VOILA, the largest collaboration of experts in the field of aging in the Netherlands.

The course is illustrated by Sabine Wisman.