Date: Thursday, 2 December 2021

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm GMT

Venue: Wellcome Collection, London, UK


Join ILC-UK for their annual Future of Ageing conference, which this year will focus on recognising the increasing diversity in our ageing populations.

The pandemic has brought to the fore the fact that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ older person. We won’t all spend our retirement on cruises, and most of us will neither be living in a care home nor spending the kids’ inheritance.

In fact, our ageing society is increasingly diverse in terms of the characteristics, experiences and life trajectories of the older people of today and tomorrow. We want our response to longevity to be informed by this reality.

We need a society that works for everyone, regardless of their age, but also regardless of their gender, their ethnicity, their sexual identity, their abilities or their beliefs.

In light of the dramatic changes and challenges we have all faced over the past couple of years, we need to look afresh and plan for a new reality.

Through Future of Ageing 2021, ILC-UK will explore how Government, business and individuals need to plan for the future of ageing and how we instill fresh thinking into well-worn debates. The aim of this conference will be to recalibrate and reimagine ageing in light of new norms around what it’s like to age.

Future of Ageing 2021 will:

  • Bring together a group of speakers thinking the unthinkable about the opportunities of longevity as society begins to recover from the impact of the pandemic
  • Highlight the diversity of our population and explore the need for more personalised policy responses to meet its needs
  • Pose fresh ideas on what the future of ageing looks like

ILC-UK’s annual Future of Ageing conferences have been described by delegates as “one of the best conferences I have ever attended”. The conferences assemble experts from the fields of health, housing, finance and business across the policy, business and third sector, academia and the media.