ILC-GA Symposiums

1. Rethinking Health and Health Care: Attitudes, Strategies and Challenges:

Chair and Discussant: Alexandre Kalache (ILC-Brazil)
Daisuke Watanabe (ILC-Japan)
Sebastiana Kalula (ILC-South Africa)
Kavita Sivaramakrishnan (ILC-USA)

2. Financial wellbeing in old age - a global perspective from ILC-GA and HelpAge International

Chair: Mark Gorman (HelpAge International)
Jessica Watson (ILC-UK)
Alexandre Kalache (ILC-Brazil)
Mathew Cherlan (HelpAge India)

3. Aging in Emerging Economies: Comparative Policy Perspectives from Brazil, China, India and South Africa

Chair: Chris Gray (Corporate Responsibility group, Pfizer)
Kavita Sivaramakrishnan (ILC-USA)
Sebastiana Kalula (ILC-South Africa)
Alex Kalache (ILC-Brazil)
Du Peng (ILC-China)


Plenary talks by ILC-GA Leaders:


Dr. Mashelkar (ILC-India) - Keynote Speaker

Alexandre Kalache (ILC-Brazil) –Plenary Speaker

Alexandre Kalache (ILC-Brazil) - Keynote Speaker (Senior governmental Official Meeting: Presenting the ILC Brazil Rio Declaration, “Beyond Prevention and Treatment, Developing Culture of Care in Response to the Longevity Revolution.”


Sessions with ILC-GA presenters

Louise Plouffe (ILC-Brazil)
Representing Cristiane Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretary of Healthy Aging and Quality of Life:  “Older People in the Family: the elderly and their places”

Ruth Finkelstein (ILC-USA)

  1. Age Smart Employer Awards: “A New York Recognition Scheme for Employers who value workers of all ages”
  2. Creating age friendly cities and neighborhoods: Lessons from New York City
  3. Older adults and disasters: Findings from Hurricane Sandy

Anjali Raje (ILC-India)
Giving a presentation titled "Rights and Responsibilities of Older Persons- True Empowerment" at “Elder Abuse/Rights of Older Persons” Session.

Compiled by Dr. Ruth Finkelstein, ILC USA


The President of ILC-BR, Alexandre Kalache, is currently in Australia advancing the ageing agenda of the South Australian Government.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, the Columbia Aging Center celebrates the participants in its digital narrative project “Exceeding Expectations” ( 

The Columbia Aging Center has been following 20 older New Yorkers for two years with the aim of disrupting stereotypes of aging and portraying everyday life. Many of the 20 New Yorkers met for the first time on Oct. 24.

On October 17, ILC-BR organized a Symposium with three international speakers in São Paulo. The event took place in the auditorium of Iamspe (Institute for Medical Assistance to the Public Servant of the State of São Paulo).

On October 19 and 20, ILC-BR hosted the 5th International Longevity Forum in Rio de Janeiro. This year’s theme was the construction of resilience along the life course; a very timely topic given the ongoing crisis in Brazil.