On the occasion of its 2nd anniversary in March 2014, ILC-BR is publishing its website at

The website provides information about the organization’s activities and news on longevity and population ageing. Carla Salas, ILC-BR Associate, coordinated the development of the site. ILC-BR is also present on Facebook with a Portuguese profile and continues disseminating its activities on the Portuguese language blog Longeva Idade.


Conducting  of physiotherapy camps to assess and address the health of the Older Persons.

Since its foundation in 2012/13, ILC-BR is promoting dialogue about population ageing and its implications for public policies.

ILC-BR President Alexandre Kalache on how urban planning responds to the needs of older people

Since the beginning of this year, ILC-BR works for a hospital in the Southern town of Veranópolis, providing guidance on how to turn the hospital more age-friendly.

As we are now expected to live to 100, we have decided to set “Productive Aging Day” in Japan.