ILC South Africa
together with the Institute of Ageing in Africa at the University of Cape Town co organised the AFRICA AGEING Conference, held in Cape Town, South Africa on 17-20 October 2012.

Dr Isabella Aboderin, an ILC SA associate and Regional Representative of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG), was the conference convenor. ILC SA’s director, Dr Sebastiana Kalula, was the convenor of the Local Organising Committee.

The 1st IAGG Africa Regional Conference on Gerontology and Geriatrics explored progress made in African countries in the implementation of relevant recommendations in the UN’s Madrid Plan, ten years after the Plan was adopted by the governments of the countries in the Second World Assembly on Ageing.

An ILCSA Robert Butler Memorial Lecture was delivered in the conference by the President of ILC Brazil, Dr Alex Kalache. The title of his lecture was  “A longevity revolution in Africa: Opportunity and challenge.”, and the presentation slides are availlabe to view below.

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ILC-UK are delighted to announce that the Innovating for Ageing competition is now OPEN – providing an opportunity to enter your ideas for solving the vulnerability problems identified.

Over 700 people participated in the 1st Regional Forum on Active and Sustainable Ageing of the Médio Vale do Itajaí in the southern State of Santa Catarina. The keynote on “Active Ageing and the Longevity Revolution” was delivered by Alexandre Kalache.

Mr. Shigeo Morioka, co-founder of ILC, passed away on June 4, 2018 at the age of 96.

In the beginning of June, ILC-BR’s Alexandre Kalache and Ina Voelcker participated in the national conference of the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SBGG).

ILC-BR continued to contribute content and technical orientation to an online portal called “Live Longevity” which was launched in October 2017 with the support of Bradesco Seguros.